Ros Marinus, which is latin for “Dew of the Sea” or as it is more commonly known to us, Rosemary, is an incredibly versatile herb in our produce repertoire. Highly decorative and undeniably aromatic, this herb can add a little something to almost any recipe from roast pork and beef to chocolate brownies.

Rosemary is a sun-loving perennial herb, native to the south of France and other more Mediterranean regions of our globe. A member of the mint family, its botanical name is ‘Rosmarinus officinalis’, which is widely cultivated not only for inclusion in recipes but also for its medicinal properties.

Fact: Rosemary has incredible medicinal purposes. It is known to help stimulate hair growth, improve circulation, alleviate pain and ease stress to name a few.

Decorate your senses with Rosemary

At Thor, we know that food satisfaction is about more than how it tastes. We know that other senses such as sight and smell have the ability to modify the way flavours are perceived. Rosemary is one of the most versatile herbs used in the UK, loved by so many for its ability to delight more than one sense in its journey to the palette, from visual selection as a decorative herb to a ‘scent-sation’ in the cooker.

Evergreen and woody, Rosemary enhances any ready-meal with a complex and wild flavour. Commonly used in roast meat dishes such as pork, lamb, beef and poultry. When added to containers of vegetables it instantly adds a touch of refinement and home-made warmth to carrots, potatoes, parsnips and more.

“Rosemary offers a sensory delight throughout the process, its elegant sprigs add a touch of sophistication when placed on a joint of beef or lamb, providing a delight for the eyes and aromatically, Rosemary is hard to beat for its mouth-watering scent.”

Comments Lesley Hanson, Technical Director.

“Although Rosemary is largely associated with cuts of meat, it works wonderfully when added to tomato and garlic recipes, reaching back to its Mediterranean origins. We’ve also known clients to use it in summer salads for differentiation.”

Adds Catherine Arden, Director.

Rosemary can be utilised in a variety of applications, from stuffing to being physically rubbed onto the outside of the meat or for a simpler approach just place on top of your recipe – whichever way you choose, it’s aromatic nature will enchant the taste buds further when cooking.

Freshly cut, heat-treated Rosemary sprigs for your recipes

Freshly cut, we contain the flavour through our treatments. Washed and heat-treated to remove any bacteria, yeast or moulds, keeps our Rosemary in tip-top condition. This enables fresh garnishes to be used on high-risk dishes and those kept in microbiologically sensitive situations. It also enhances the colour of this decorative herb and extends the shelf-life.

At Thor we can provide the size you require from a modest 2-3 cm sizes spring, through to 17cm in length. Detail this in your request for a quotation and we can provide ready to use.

“If you’re looking to make cost savings, our top tip is to order your Rosemary in larger springs and cut to the desired length for your recipe. Typically, smaller springs are higher in price due to waste and processing costs.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

With a minimum order quantity of 1kgs and a lead time of up to 5 days, you can enjoy this aromatic herb in your ready-meals in no time.

Have a question? To learn more about our range of fresh herbs get in touch with our customer service team, alternatively, you can explore our produce online here.