About Thor Foods - Suppliers of Quality Wholesale Produce

Established in 1983 by Richard and Karen Green; Thor Foods began as a frozen vegetables supplier importing products from Denmark into the U.K for manufacturing purposes – hence the origins of its Viking name.

Expanding our product portfolio to meet consumer demand

As time evolved consumer demands began to change. Far more sophisticated recipe dishes were introduced by the major retailers which supplied the impetus to increase Thor’s portfolio of soft fruits, vegan products and herbs. At the same time the growing importance of Technical support was being pushed to the forefront of the food industry; and Thor responded by supplying 24 hour technical back up for all of its customers.

Our market profile was further enhanced 21 years ago with the addition of a complete range of freshly prepared citrus fruits, juices, zests, peels and shreds. These products are manufactured daily to the highest specification and are used in many different applications within the fresh and frozen fruit wholesale market.

Heritage, passion and long-standing reliability

Thor remains a close knit and family orientated company in its second generation as a fresh and frozen food supplier. Both of Richard and Karen’s daughters now work full time amongst a team of loyal, passionate and long serving members of staff.

Today we respond rapidly to customer demands using fresh food preparation plants working seven days a week to produce a huge range of products for the manufacturer. Our service could not be complete without the help of dedicated hauliers delivering within hours of production anywhere in mainland Britain, Europe and Eire.