Thor Foods - Technical

Committed to client satisfaction

Clients of Thor Foods benefit from our expertise and technical nous – every day. Each client’s requirement is met by our proactive technical department, where we are committed to the supply of legal, safe and specification-met wholesale produce. All our produce is supplied from BRC accredited (or similar) factories and we are committed to ethical sourcing – genetically modified produce, just isn’t our thing.

We hold strong, fruitful relationships with all our suppliers whilst at the same time continually keeping ourselves abreast of ever improving technical legislation within the industry, your business is our business. All of our manuals are fully controlled and documented, so, if you’re ever unsure about a product, please be our guest and ask.

Have a technical query?

New enquiries are responded to rapidly, so if you have a question about a product, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to provide the latest update on the produce you are after, with detailed specifications, certificates of analysis and conformity supplied at request.

Have a question?

Customer audits, certificates, risk assessment, traceability, complaint and general enquiries are answerable 24 hours a day. Please contact our Technical department or 01689 831636 for more information. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form.

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