Our Wholesale Produce

Lemon, Orange and Lime Zest

Let’s talk about zest – easily our most popular product and recognisable by its fine 1-2mm granular appearance and heavenly aroma. Made fresh to order this product is created in the citrus zest room by a team of experts. The benefit of this ingredient is its ability to add all the flavour to a recipe without overdoing the texture making it ideal for sponge cakes and sauces and giving you an incredibly smooth and delicious finish to your dish.

Lemon and Orange Shreds

Citrus fruit suppliers send their produce in all sizes and disguises so the moment a container of fruit is opened a visual hand sort begins. Only the most perfect, smooth and unblemished fruits are selected for the shredding machine.

Our lemon and orange shreds are the pride of the fleet – a wonderfully reliable product that contains the perfect mouth-watering level of moisture and is lovely in sauces and desserts. Your Development Chef needs our products to be consistent – too much wet and it will affect the recipe, too dry and the final texture will be wrong. We know our shreds so we make sure they are impeccable, time after time after time.


Chopped, whole or mixed peel is the question? It all comes down to what you’re planning to create! Whole peel is cut into ‘lantern’s’ ready for you to squeeze or press to release the oil. Popular with distilleries to add structure and length to the taste of alcoholic drinks.

On the other hand our good old fashioned chopped peel is always a favourite in hot cross buns over Easter or in puddings at Christmas time. Use either type in cooking for glazes or to add flavouring to sauces. It could even be dried and used in confectionary. Finally the 80/20 mixed peel we all love in seasonal mince pies. Such a popular and adaptable product!

Lemon, Orange and Lime Juice

Fresh, chilled, vivid and versatile. Our orange, lemon and lime juice come in either a smooth or standard (with cells) option and your customers will love it! Nothing artificial is added so all you have is the true character of the original citrus fruit. Add to any recipe from sauces to sandwich fillings to add that zingy citrus note. This juice is so precious you won’t want to waste a drop so as well as our standard 12.5 litre containers we supply in a smaller 2.27 litre bottles which are more suitable for freezing.

Lemon, Orange and Lime Comminute

Simply the whole fruit – crushed, sieved and finally blended to perfection. The production process creates a completely smooth paste similar to a fruit puree. And because all of that dynamic peel is included you as well get a truly unique flavour for your recipe. Bakeries are normally our best customers for comminute but it’s also a firm favourite within the ready meal market. All the flavour and all the consistency wrapped up in one lovely ingredient. Enjoy!


We have such a large selection of fresh herbs to choose from; the options and the dishes that you can create are endless. We specialise in providing fresh decorative sprigs for seasonal meaty joints. Anything from a golden herby loaf to juicy flavour filled burgers, traditional Indian curries and the Italian favourite bruschetta. Read more…

More Exciting Ingredients

There’s not a lot we can’t source, which is great news for our clients who come back time and time again. Not only do we specialise in offering quality flavour-filled fresh and frozen fruit and fresh herbs … we also have a wealth of expertise in search and selection. You name it, we’ll find it. From flavoured butters, to marinades and infused oils we can locate it. Read more…