Thor Foods has been providing exceptional service for the prepared food industry for over 35 years. We are experts in sourcing a wide variety of fresh and frozen citrus products, decorative ingredients and fresh herbs for food professionals internationally.

We follow the sun around the world to bring you the highest quality citrus produce. Our zesty orange, lemon and lime fruits are specially selected for their superior look, taste and texture and the natural aroma’s they bring to a recipe are matchless.

Our fresh decorative cut fruits and herbs compliment any seasonal dish allowing you to create that bespoke ‘finished’ look so you stand out from the crowd.

We also supply a whole range of vegan ingredients as well as dried fruits produced to rapidly deliver flavour and provide the healthiest platform of opportunities for your ready meal.

We are renowned specialist citrus fruit suppliers

Thor is a strong family company witha reputation for offering unrivalled levels of service – both in sales intelligence and technical back up. Each member of our team offers excellent product knowledge within their field, and their passion lies in sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure your development kitchens can produce the tastiest meals.

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