Just scratch the surface of any citrus fruit and you release a beautifully diverse flavour. Citrus zests, peels and slices are taken from the bright exterior layer of limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges and can give just about any dish a major boost.

The finest orange zests for a variety of ready-meals

Orange – it is often the forgotten fruit when souring citrus accompaniments for ready-meals. Swollen with sunshine, oranges should be a welcome addition at any time of the year; they can be transformational to a dish.

Liven up a traditional Christmas pork joint and create additional appeal by decorating with orange slices laid on top – great when roasted. Decorative zests and shred with grilled fish and chicken add a mellow sweet flavour and for summer recipes use wedges in summer salads as an alternative to the more conventional salad.

Orange zests, slices and peels often get over-looked, but it really does noticeably raise the bar when used in a variety of meals. For instance, add blood oranges to a duck breast to really boost the flavour and visual appeal of this well-loved meal.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

Top tip: Consider using the whole fruit or slices for a more dramatic finish, it creates an elegant finish reminiscent of the top restaurants.

A visual citrus boost for your consumers spanning all four seasons

Citrus colours are a cheery way to add decoration all year round. The yellow of our lemons is so vibrant it can bring thoughts of spring daffodils and crocus, through to blood oranges, reminiscent of the warmest winter holly berries at Christmas.

Scent-sational bakes with citrus shreds

What we particularly love about bright citrus skins, is that they add a really healthy look to recipes, with ease. We often select food with our eyes, so it’s a simple addition in satisfying a consumers’ taste buds visually.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

Citrus fruits aren’t just an ingredient, they are a passion at Thor

It’s no secret that we’re the experts in the supply of citrus fruits with the most vibrant flavours and colours; supplied either fresh or frozen.

Our core understanding and years of experience provide us with the know-how to ensure you get the best from this ingredient. Well-versed in its culinary capabilities and applications we’re driven by our enthusiasm for this diverse fruit type. From tartness to sweetness with a undeniably memorable fragrance, citrus fruit is a wonderful addition to all manner of dishes.

Our speciality, the highest standards for quality shreds

All of our shreds are sourced from British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited factories, so you can be sure that our produce meets the global standard for food safety. Combine this with our Sedex membership and you can be confident that you’re contributing to doing business that’s ‘good for everyone’ from seedling, to shelf.

To learn more about our delicious citrus shreds get in touch with our customer service team, alternatively you can explore our produce online here.