Mandarins, the darling of the tangerine family and a go-to replacement for orange zests when searching for something a little special at Thor Foods; and it’s not hard to understand why. We source our mandarin zests with uncompromised quality, from the most perfect sun-ripened blemish free fruits, bright and full of flavour.

Tasty enough to use in marmalades and jams; delicious enough to include in ice creams, yoghurts and bakery and vivid enough when candied and added as a decorative addition to any dish. Not to mention they are a firm favourite for Christmas dishes.

FACT: In 2017, world production of mandarin oranges (combined with tangerines, clementines, and satsumas in reporting to FAOSTAT) was 33.4 million tonnes, led by China with 54% of the global total.

Reduced albedo (pith) visible on the mandarins provides optimum visual appeal

What makes our mandarin peel special is the reduced pith, or medulla. This is a tissue in the stems of vascular plants, composed of soft, spongy parenchyma cells, which store and transport nutrients throughout the plant. Although essential for the fruits to thrive they tend to reduce the vivid appearance when present. At Thor we know that consumers eat with their eyes – so we never compromise the visual appeal of our clients produce.  

Wholesale mandarin suitable for any consumer group including Vegan and Kosher

Today’s food consumers are complex. Food is no longer ‘just a fuel’, it plays a different role to many; from nutrition in both physical and mental wellbeing to religious, cultural and lifestyle choices such as opting to care for our planet through a commitment to veganism. The environmental, health and ethical benefits of veganism are beyond doubt, but bring another problem to food suppliers of today.

At Thor, we embrace all and continue to successfully supply wholesale produce for mouth-watering recipes, under any given challenge. We’ve launched a range of vegan citrus fruits that do not use Shellac and our commitment to Sedex and ethical sourcing exists to remove any doubt about our supply chain or processes.

“Lead time for our mandarins zests is usually 3-4 weeks with a minimum order quantity of 560 kilos (a single pallet). However, if you’re in need sooner, we do have 2R Mandarin Peel in cold storage which can be delivered within 48 hours. When frozen they have a shelf life of up to 24 months.”

Comments Lesley Hanson, Technical Director.

Keep it fresh with Thor

This time we’re talking recipe tactics, not food. Discuss your ideas with us, when it comes to citrus produce we’re the experts.

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