At Thor Foods we supply a wide array of citrus produce, suitable for all your wholesale needs.

Suppliers of quality citrus produce, fresh or frozen

Citrus fruits, our speciality, are typically vibrant in colour and full of fresh, juicy fruit flavour. With a thick rind, more than able to produce the perfect tangy peels and zests, our citrus products are the ideal ingredients for accompanying any seasonal dish or bake. Supplied either fresh or frozen we only source the highest quality ingredients. Sourced fresh all our citrus products provide unbeatable flavour and sourced frozen our products are perfect for creating a summer bake, all year round; frozen citrus for example would be a great addition to any Christmas party cocktails – the choices are endless.

From citrus peels and zests to shreds of various sizes…

At Thor Foods we also provide various shred sizes, great for adding to pastries and crusts; or even everyone’s Easter favourite, hot cross buns. We can supply all forms of citrus, from slices to peels and zests to wedges; we’ve got it all covered! Our chosen forms of citrus fruits to provide include: oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Grapefruit in limited forms however, zests and other rind forms are not available.


At Thor Foods we pride ourselves on providing produce full of flavour and versatility, but also with the best shelf life possible. All citrus produce typically works on a 10-day lead-time, if supplied completely fresh and chilled with nothing added at all and no pasteurisation. Lead-times may vary on a rare occasion however we will be sure to notify you.

Shelf life

All options have a shelf life of approximately, production +14 days. On occasion these may vary, for more information shelf life, please contact us.

Have a question?

Customer audits, certificates, risk assessment, traceability, complaint and general enquiries are answerable 24 hours a day. Please contact our Technical department or 01689 831636 for more information. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form.

Type Frozen Fresh Dried
Zests Orange, Lemon Orange, Lemon, Lime
Peels Orange, Lemon, Mixed, Lime
Shreds Orange, Lemon
Segments Grapefruit Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit
Wedges Lemon Orange, Lemon, Lime
Slices Orange (whole ½), Lemon (whole ½) Orange (½ or ¼), Lemon (½ or ¼), Lime (½ or ¼) Orange, Lemon
Juices Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit
Comminute Orange, Lemon (in Glace form)
Chopped Orange (Skin on), Lemon (Skin off)
Triangles Orange (Skin off)
Purees Orange, Lemon, Lime
Ripple Lemon
Granules/Powders Lemon, Orange, Lime