With so many citrus products available in today’s market that are not considered Vegan friendly, we’re delighted to offer a solution for vegan citrus fruits.

Veganism is gaining popularity at a rapid rate

Recently, The Vegan Society has released new figures that show a considerable rise in popularity in Veganism. The Vegan Community in the United Kingdom has increased by 350 percent over the past ten years, with almost half of those people aged between 15 and 34. With market share for vegan produce rising, we’re proud to deliver a secure supply of quality produce for your exciting recipes.

Not all lemons are vegan friendly

Not many people know that all lemons are not vegan, or even vegetarian friendly. Lemons are sometimes coated in a waxy substance called Shellac.

Shellac, also known as “lac resin”, is a resin that is derived from beetles found in India and Thailand called Lac Bugs, it is actually a by-product of their reproductive cycle. The resin is used to create colourants, wood finishes and food glazes, the latter being used on a variety of lemons and other citrus fruits in supermarkets. The purpose of Shellac is simple, it keeps produce looking beautiful and fresh on the shelves. But the key issue at hand is the beetles and how this process affects them.

When the shellac is harvested from these Southeast Asian beetles it causes harm, making it a product that is not Vegan friendly. As veganism is all about ensuring animals are able to live a good life and that the food we eat is free of unjust torture and unnecessary suffering.

Secure supply of vegan friendly citrus produce

Only time will tell if veganism’s current boost in popularity continues to cement itself as a permanent lifestyle choice amongst the millennials. In the meantime, if you’re creating vegan produce we can help with a secure supply of citrus produce which does not contain shellac helping to secure your place in this exciting and fast-growing market.

To learn more, get in touch with a member of our team and explore our range of vegan friendly produce, as well as a variety of exciting solutions for your ingredients needs.

Over that last year we have expanded our portfolio to create an impressive collection, which includes many more exciting, niche, left field ingredients.