Here at Thor Foods we’re specialist in the supply of citrus produce. Vibrant in colour and full of fresh, juicy fruit flavour our tangy peels and zests are the ideal ingredients for accompanying any seasonal dish or bake.

Citrus zest is versatile and has a number of applications in the kitchen. It contains the fruit’s aromatic oils and is full of nutritious goodness including immune boosting powers with strong antiviral and antibacterial properties – amazing!

Suppliers of versatile zests suitable for sauces, bakery products and much more

Guaranteed to add an infusion of flavour to a variety of recipes from sauces and soups to pasta’s and breads. Our zests smell irresistible and retain their visually striking colours making them a popular choice as an attractive and tasty topping on bakes too! From lemon drizzle cake to fisherman’s pie – we have a zest solution for you.

Our zests are diligently removed from the finest lemons, limes or oranges. A layer of outer peel from the fruit is removed producing a superior zest of 1-2mm thick pieces (approximately) and with our quality control process you can be sure of a consistent product – always.

Save time zesting your citrus fruits and improve efficiencies

Put the micro plane grater away and enjoy cooking with fresh chilled zests that are ready for use – great if you have 1,000 cupcakes to top! Our fresh chilled zests are just as delicious when they’re delivered as they are when taken from the fruit thanks to our stringent processes.

What’s more, if it’s frozen ingredients that you prefer, these tasty zests are suitable for block freezing and can be stored for up to 12 months, providing an opportunity to benefit from bulk order cost efficiencies and well as reduced elbow grease.

Delivered chilled to your premises

If you’re looking for a superior alternative to frozen zests, shreds and peels on the market, then look no further. With a ten-day lead time and a dedicated expert to assist you with your needs – we always aim to surpass your expectations in the supply of fresh citrus zests.

Get in touch to learn more about our citrus fruit supply, from peels and shreds to zests and juices.