Growing in abundance in the tidal zone and around many estuaries in the UK, is a secret ingredient. Known as the Mermaid’s Kiss or sometimes called sea asparagus or sea pickle, Samphire is an ingredient to propose to your customers this year.

Samphire, sampha, sampkin…

If you’re from Norfolk, you’ll know this ingredient as sampha and in North Wales, especially along the River Dee’s marshes, you might refer to it as sampkin. We love the inspirational term ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’, that is sure to inspire dishes worldwide, a sea vegetable which has enjoyed a recent surge of recognition for its’ adaptable nature and extraordinary taste that shows no signs of decline in its popularity.

There are two types of samphire – marsh and rock, with marsh samphire being widely available. Samphire has vibrant green stalks, similar to asparagus, with a distinctively crisp and salty taste – it’s delicious.

Fact: It was on the menu at Charles and Diana’s wedding.

Samphire isn’t new to the food market and has long been a feature of many prestigious dining menus. The recent rise in vegetarian consumers and the increasing popularity of veganism has seen samphire saluted as a stylish accompaniment to a variety of dishes thanks to the many TV chefs who are experimenting with it.

Samphire is a delicious and unique addition to almost any ready meal

The crisp texture of samphire and salty taste means it works well with a variety of dishes – it really is an ingredient to get creative with. The very nature of samphire means it is perfectly placed in seafood and pasta dishes and is a wonderful addition to any side salad when steamed or boiled. It can even be enjoyed raw, with a delicious dressing.

Our personal favourite recipe for this ingredient is when served with beef, a punchy and crunchy addition – the saltiness really compliments the beef.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

At Thor Foods, we have been providing exceptional produce for the prepared food industry since 1983. Our provision of samphire is no different from any other ingredient we provide. We can locate a year-round supply of this succulent ingredient – great for those winter fish dishes. Though, at its best through June to August in the UK, we can source this from as far as Israel as the oceans cool during winter months.

“All of our produce is sourced ethically with sustainability being a key factor in the commission of all our suppliers and partners across the globe. Of course, at the heart of all our produce is taste – consistent quality is key to ensuring a supply chain that reaches the palette with the most vibrant flavours possible.”

Adds Lesley Hanson, Technical Director.

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