Clementines – this little orange delight is a firm favourite among our clients. A tangor, a hybrid between a willowleaf mandarin orange and a sweet orange – given its name in 1902. They have a deep orange exterior with a smooth, glossy appearance – similar to tangerines, clementines possess the easy to peel nature that makes them so popular.

It is no secret that we’re passionate about the supply of citrus ingredients and our clementines are no different. Judging by the volume of enquiries we get about these delicious little fruits, you love them too.

The difference between a Clementine and a Mandarin

Fact: Clementines are a type of mandarin – they are the smallest member of the family.

The mandarin is the original ancestor of all other oranges. Flatter on both ends than the typical sweet orange, and easy to peel. Clementines are a type of mandarin, they are the smallest member of the family, adored for their sweet and seedless segments and smooth, deep orange, glossy peel. Often coined the “cuties” or “sweeties,” of the orange world, they offer a delicious sweet citrus flavour.

“Clementines are less acidic on your taste buds with a flesh that is juicy and much sweeter when compared to oranges. They’re the perfect addition to a seasonal salad and are delicious when baked.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

Whether they’re placed in a decorative bowl or stuffed in a stocking, oranges are a staple part of Christmas and our seasonal Clementines are a forerunner when it comes to festive bakes. Hot spiced fruits, perfect at Christmas. Combine clementines with baked pears, apples and cranberries for a seasonal desert. It’s no surprise that many request as the perfect accompaniment to many fish dishes too.

Want your clementines candied, sliced or diced?

We take great pride in being able to offer our produce in a way that you can implement with ease. Our clementines are no different because we can supply them in strips, diced or even freshly sliced. Produced in the UK, our fresh sliced clementines are available on demand once fruit is ripened, typically this is from the middle of November through to April at the latest.

“The ‘oronules’ and ‘ortanique’ variety of clementine work incredibly well for sliced production”

Adds Catherine Arden, Director.

Particularly popular are our candied clementines. Bright, sweet and available all year round to add a splash of colour to the brightest of bakes.

Note: The only form of clementine that we are not able to bring to you, is granulated clementine. We only supply a mandarin known as Ortanique as a granulate.

Our speciality, the highest standards for quality clementines

Want to try our amazing clementines for yourself? Sure you do – sampling on this seasonal produce is available from November, but enquiries are welcome any time. Be the first to explore our clementine offering by registering your interest with us.

Have a question? To learn more about our clementines get in touch with our customer service team, alternatively, you can explore our produce online.