Orange and lemon citrus shreds have become a best-selling ingredient here at Thor Foods, and it’s not hard to understand why. We source our shreds with uncompromised quality, from the most perfect grade A, sun-ripened blemish free fruits. 

The secret to a perfect orange or lemon shred

It’s no surprise that we accept only fruit that is given the grade A standard. Oranges and lemons that are textbook perfection. Vibrant in colour and blemish-free specimens are used to create our peels, shreds and zests. It is this simple, yet vital specification that ensures perfection for both flavour, colour and scent.

“We follow the sun around the globe during the year searching for perfection. As experts in the supply of wholesale citrus fruits, we know exactly what it takes to ensure the most perfect shred are delivered in any ready meal.”

Comments Lesley Hanson, Technical Director.

Popular citrus shreds, your way 

Our orange and lemon shreds are sized at 1-2mm x 20-25mm and we can supply frozen or fresh. They typically have just a 10-day lead time and a shelf life of up-to 14 days after production.

“The one thing we excel at is satisfying bespoke requirements, particularly with citrus fruits. Our knowledge allows us to support most tailor-made orders, so if you have a specific requirement, we encourage our customers to simply, just ask!”

Adds Juliet McGrory.

Did you know: That lime shreds are too fine to supply with integrity. The skin of a lime is simply too thin to maintain its’ flavour and structure.

Scent-sational bakes with citrus shreds

Citrus shreds are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes, from fish to bakes. The fragrant nature of the fruit compliments any fish ready-meal adding a zesty kick to the flavouring or if you’re looking for a sweeter taste, they are perfect for duck l’orange sauce. Their vibrant colours also work well in a variety of desserts, from the UK’s favourite, a classic lemon drizzle cake and fruit loafs rich in sticky fruit content to the slightly more creative orange and coriander cupcakes.

Whatever your requirements, we are sure to have the answer. To learn more about our delicious citrus shreds get in touch with our customer service team, alternative you can explore our produce online here.