Passion fruit, loved by many for its irresistible scent as it is for its distinctive taste. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, this vibrant little fruit grows on climbing passion flower vines, known as Passiflora.

The vivid flesh within a passion fruit is incredibly juicy with a sweet tang, making it a popular addition to both sweet and savoury dishes around the world. If you’re looking to add an exotic touch to your ready-meal portfolio – passion fruit is definitely an ingredient to consider.

Fact: The passion fruit got its name because priests in the 1500s thought parts of the passion flower symbolised the “passion,” or suffering and death, of Jesus. The fruit, also called granadilla and maracuya, ended up with the name, too.

Fairtrade passion fruit, direct from the farms in Ghana

Passion fruit is native to South America but also found in more tropical regions like Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii with ours originating from the African farms in Ghana. Packed with sunshine and harvested when fully ripened, our passion fruit is delivered fresh to the UK for your ready-meal recipes.  

Exotic passion fruit applications for a variety of ready-meals

We can’t deny that passion fruit is a favourite here at Thor Foods. The application possibilities are as varied as the ways we can supply this popular ingredient to you. From smoothies and juices to cupcake icings and cheesecake toppings. Loved in coulis and adored when driven through ice creams or ganache. We’re salivating at the thought.

Team your passion fruit with mango or coconut for that additional tropical twist. Similarly, passion fruit is the perfect replacement for more zesty ingredients such as lemon or lime.

Fact: Passion fruit is rich in magnesium, an important mineral that scientists have linked with decreased stress and anxiety. A systematic review suggests that magnesium can help reduce anxiety.

Supply of perfect passion fruit produce

At Thor, we only accept the highest standards in quality, ethical trade and environmental care. Our fruits adhere to a number of international standards including Fairtrade, Organic, and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), so you can be sure that your produce carries the highest seal of approval.

“If you’re looking for something specific for your passion fruit supply, a consultation with us can identify the optimum route from farm to your premises in accordance with your needs. From fresh to heat sealed bags and of course, frozen – we have the solution.” 

Comments Lesley Hanson, Technical Director.

“We can even supply passion fruit without the seeds, although expect to pay a little more for this due to the production implications – it really is a time saver though.”

Adds Catherine Arden, Director.

Sampling our passion fruit produce is (usually) on a seasonal basis, however, enquiries are welcome any time. By registering your interest with Thor Foods in the wholesale supply of passion fruit pulps, you can be sure you’ll be the first to know more about this exotic wonder.

Have a question? To learn more about our passion fruits get in touch with our customer service team, alternatively, you can explore our produce online here.