With over 20 varieties of frozen purees on offer, we’re confident we can satisfy the most creative chef – challenge Thor, the finest supplier of frozen purees.

Fruit puree, the perfect way to deliver a sweet sensation

Our fruits’, including traditional and exotic, are harvested during their peak season, pureed and frozen; to provide you with the freshest fruit puree available. At Thor Foods we have an exceptional range of fruit purees, allowing puree lovers to indulge in a diverse selection of flavours, textures and colours to delight the senses – we really have gone that extra mile.

Discover all the berry favourites, from strawberries, blackberries and raspberries or indulge in cherries, banana, apricots, mango. As experts in citrus fruits, you can be confident that our orange, lemon, lime purees are second to none – enjoy the vibrancy of both flavour and colour. A favourite for ice creams and marvellous in muffins and cakes, puree can give any dessert a splash of luxury.

If fruit purees aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for a healthy dose of veggie vitamins, then our vegetable purees are just the thing for your recipes. From carrot to pumpkin there really isn’t anything we can’t provide.

Exceptional flavour, captured at the point of harvest

Supplied frozen, our selection of frozen fruit and vegetable purees are perfect for any ready-meal, savoury or sweet. We capture the finest flavour at the point of harvest and seal it in time until thawed, bringing the very best of the produce to you, regardless of season – they’re divine!

“We have put together a remarkable range of frozen puree products, loved by our customers for their vibrant colours and exceptional taste. With our extensive range and experience, you really don’t need to look any further. At Thor we’re loved by our clients because we’re always happy to go the extra mile – just ask.”

Comments Catherine Arden, Director.

BRGCS accredited purees, satisfaction guaranteed

BRC (now BRGCS – The BRC Global Standard for Food) is an internationally recognised mark of food safety and quality and applies to our purees. When working with Thor Foods, you can be sure we’re doing our best to deliver exceptional standards of food supply and customer service.

Top tip: Supplied frozen, our fruit purees deliver freshness and flavour unlike any other; but do ensure that you are familiar with the lifespan of this product.

As Sedex members we simplify the business of responsible trade, helping you to save time and money managing data around ethical performance and providing core insight that can support your continuous improvement.

Interested in our enviable collection of delicious purees?

With a vast selection on offer, there really is something for every recipe. Get in touch with a member of the technical team, who will be happy to explore frozen puree options for any recipe.

At Thor, we are continually reviewing our portfolio of ingredients and adding exciting new offerings which include many more exciting, niche ingredients such as frozen citrus caviar.