Our fresh herbs can really pack a punch. Whether you’re hoping for something more suited for long-term shelf life or opting for fresh authentic flavour, we have the solution for you.


We have a wide variety of herbs; you’ll be totally spoilt for choice…

The taste of freshly seasoned food and perfectly balanced flavour is one of the best food experiences ever! When a dish has been treated with powerful ingredients, giving off the most mouth-watering aromas, it really does make all the difference. We have such a large selection of herbs to choose from; the options and the dishes that you can create are endless. Anything from a golden herby loaf to juicy flavour filled burgers, traditional Indian curries and the Italian favourite bruschetta…

Delicious decoration!

Not only are our herbs ideal for use in cooking they’re also the perfect finishing touch for any dish. We specialise in enhancing or decorating your recipes with our fresh herbs, providing a fragrant green garnish or delicate kick, in a dressing – simply delicious.


At Thor Foods we pride ourselves on providing produce full of flavour and versatility, but also with the best shelf life possible. All herbs typically work on a 7 day lead-time, if supplied completely fresh and chilled with nothing added at all and no pasteurisation. Lead-times may vary on a rare occasion however we will be sure to notify you.

Shelf life

All options have a shelf life of approximately, production +14 days. On occasion these may vary, for more information on shelf life, please contact us.

Have a question?

Customer audits, certificates, risk assessment, traceability, complaint and general enquiries are answerable 24 hours a day. Please contact our Technical department technical@thorfoods.com or 01689 831636 for more information. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form.

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HerbsBay LeavesWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsRosemary SprigsWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsFlat Leaf ParsleyWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsCurley ParsleyWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsDillWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsWatercressWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsBasilWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsCorianderWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsLemon GrassWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsLime LeavesWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsMintWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsSageWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsTarragonWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsThymeWashed and Gas flushedFresh
HerbsFennel LeafChoppedFresh
HerbsBay leafWholeFresh
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