The newest addition to our produce collective is rare and unusual – citrus caviar! This zesty little treat is set to be this years’ biggest food trend.

This little ‘big hitter’ is a source of inspiration for chefs and retailers UK wide. The pulp of citrus fruit called ‘citrus caviar’, because of its’ delicate appearance, provides a tart burst of citrus goodness to any recipe. It’s certain to set your taste buds popping as well as the added benefit of a sprinkle of intrigue to your menu.

“We’re encouraging all our clients to get creative and consider including it in their recipes – it’s our top tip to keep you on trend this year.” Comments Catherine Arden, Director at Thor Foods.

This little delight is ideal for haute cuisine in gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels to create a visual and tasty spectacle. Used with seafood like grilled salmon, raw oysters and lobster as a ‘caviar garnish’, perfect for sushi and even used to add a dash of creativity to cocktails in London’s trendiest bars.

Citrus caviarDespite its’ decorative nature, we’ve also supplied citrus caviar as a tasty addition to compliment internal ingredients too. Our most favourite indulgence has to be the inclusion in fishcakes; the caviar provides a subtle, yet sharp burst of citrus flavour as you enjoy – delicious.

“Available in variety of authentic flavours such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lime our citrus caviar range provides a zingy freshness to compliment any recipe – we too have been inspired by some of our clients’ recipes and innovative application of this ingredient – it’s great.” Adds Catherine.

100% Natural citrus caviar with no additives

No Additives – no compromise. We understand that as more consumers find modern life to be hectic and stressful, flexible and balanced diets will become integral elements of self-care routines this year. Give your customer exactly what they’re looking for and choose carefully selected produce that meets the needs of todays’ consumer, as well as the innovative ingredients to wet their appetite.

Delivered INDIVIDUALLY QUICK FROZEN (IQF), so you can thaw and serve

If you’re looking for a superior alternative to brighten up your menu, citrus caviar should be on your shortlist. With a ten-day lead time and a dedicated expert on hand to advise upon the perfect solution, there’s every reason to delve in and try this rare and unusual produce. Delivered INDIVIDUALLY QUICK FROZEN, so that you can defrost and serve with ease.

“We follow the sun around the world to capture the freshest ingredients for our clients and to find the most innovative produce solutions. It’s a delight to be able to inspire them with new products like this – one of my personal favourites right now.” Catherine commented.

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