We’re proud to announce we have joined Sedex, a global community of leaders who want to make it simpler to do business that’s ‘good for everyone’.

Who are Sedex?

The leading organisation for businesses committed to responsible sourcing and the continuous improvement of ethical performance for all parties involved in the supply chain. We’re home to one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries.

The importance of ethical sourcing and todays’ consumer

The importance consumers (primarily millennials) are placing on ethical sourcing and high environmental standards has been quantified on numerous occasions by studies and consumer surveys globally, showing this is a truly international trend that will continue to rise for the foreseeable.

A study from the not-for-profit consultancy Ethical Consumer revealed that the UK market for ethical products and services was worth around £81.3 billion in 2017, having risen in value by around £40 billion since 2008. The ethical food and drink market alone increased up by 9.7 per cent, compared to a 5.3 per cent growth rate in 2015 – there is no doubt, it really is big business.

“Trading globally is a complex business with infinite opportunity – we thrive on it, but alongside the opportunity come challenges around accountability. At Thor it’s vital that we showcase our commitment to ethical sourcing and remove any doubt about our supply chain or processes. Sedex are the perfect solution to help demonstrate our commitment and protect our network so we can continue to perform with exceptional levels of care.”

Comments Lesley Hanson, Technical Director

Visibility across the supply chain

FACT: A survey commissioned by Achilles, found that 19% of large food manufacturers around the globe could not determine the name or address of their suppliers in the supply chain, and 53% said they had no plan in place to find this information in the future.

Among food manufacturing companies, 10% of procurement professionals said their companies did not have corporate standards for their suppliers to adhere to on issues like ethics, health and safety, the survey showed. This is despite the fact many of these food companies (40%) believe they will be exposed to mounting legislation, and nearly a third expect to be exposed to reputational damage from a lack of visibility of their supply chain.

“What sets us apart, is that we do know. From the protection of human rights through to environmental factors – we are certain our supply chain is a secure network where ‘good business’ takes place.”

Adds Lesley.

Considering more than just our ingredients

Businesses looking to appeal to todays’ consumer need to consider more than just their ingredients. They should be thinking seriously about the environmental impact of their products, their commitment to an ethical supply chain and the sustainability of their packaging. By working with Thor Foods you can be certain all of these elements are taken into consideration, giving your product the quality assurance todays consumer desires.

Join us in the fight to empower ethical supply chains

From global retail brands to single production sites, Sedex can help you simplify the business of responsible trade. By joining Sedex, you don’t just access their services, you join a global community of leaders in responsible sourcing. Helping you to save time and money managing data around ethical performance and providing core insight that can support your continuous improvement.

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